Steel Company in Colombia

Steel companies in Colombia are significant actors of the steel industry value chain and therefore on the country's economy. Thus, Colombian steel industry is more and more attractive to national and foreign investment. With an increasing production of the primary and steel iron industry, Statista reported a significant growth on Colombian gross production value that amounted to approximately 2.4 billion U.S. dollars as of December 2018. Such production is attributable to experienced and trustworthy industrial suppliers that attend the steel supply of the country, providing quality stainless steel manufacturing products such as poles, handrails, and bathroom partitions.

Construction companies in Colombia are not only industrial supply companies or stainless steel suppliers but are likewise experienced in metal recycling and metallurgical engineering. Thus, with a wide scope of activities, steel companies in Colombia handle and produce several steel shapes ranging from scrap metal and steel railing, to shoring equipment and stainless steel accessories.

According to the World Steel Association, Colombia is one of the South American countries (including Brazil and Argentina) that is expected to increase and hold steady its steel demand on the upcoming years, therefore having a positive impact on the country's economy and its employment development. Whilst conducting its core business activities, steel companies in Colombia increase the employment levels. Accordingly, Statista highlighted that in December 2018, the payroll value of the steel industry in Colombia was approximately 94 million U.S. dollars, registering an increase of more than 17% in a four-year period.

Therefore, such increase in the gross production value and on the payroll value of the steel companies in Colombia indicated the relevance and seriousness of an industry that is committed to metallurgical and steel supply.

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