Sporting goods company in Colombia

Sporting goods companies in Colombia are growing at an accelerated rate.
Until recently, sportswear was only used for the gym, and used outside of it was frowned upon. But things have changed, and now the fashion "athleisure" (athletic and leisure) is a trend, which goes beyond training and other sports activities to be used in other places, such as work, university or other social activities.

This phenomenon, which has dominated the sector in recent years, seems not to have peaked yet. According to Euromonitor's latest data, sales in this segment are expected to continue growing at a rate of 5% per year.

The sports footwear market moved in the previous year, 417.8 million dollars in the country, a figure that in 2014 stood at 283.6 million dollars, and it is expected to reach 533.5 million. Bogota is the most critical market for sports footwear with a 25.3% share, followed by Medellín with 15.9% of the total market.

By sporting goods company, Euromonitor points out that Adidas is the leader in the category, second place is for Reebok, and North Star is third with 2.2%. In Latin America, the leadership is for Nike with a participation of 18.7%, while Adidas occupies the second place.

Regarding the sporting goods distributor (multi-brand warehouses), the first place is for Sport Line with sales of $ 162,983 million and a growth of 27.1%. The second place is for Agaval, whose revenues amounted to $ 162,502 million and a gain of 9.7%. Finally, the third place is for Decathlon with revenues of $ 153,088 million and an increase of 77.2%.

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