Video Game Company in Colombia

The Colombian video game industry has taken an impressive jump in recent years and continues to attract international firms.

Video games companies in Colombia built and developed by local talent have won industry awards and recognitions, surprising some of the most well established international video game companies out there.

In 2018, there were 50 video game studios in Colombia, and the number has been increasing steadily in the last couple of years.

The increasing number of service providers have allowed for new talent to arise, and for more diversity and a wide range of product to be available. You can find numerous app developers, software developers, animation studios and audiovisual production agencies. Some of the most highly acclaimed global companies in this industry have developed projects in Colombia employing diverse and qualified ocal talent. At the same time, innovative infrastructure has made Colombia a prime location for the development of video game projects and services.

Additionally, Colombia has positioned itself as an attractive startup hub in Latin America to promote and support smaller firms, and young creative talent.

Taking this into account, international software and video game developers have found in Colombia a great strategic ally. Video game design, digital strategies, animation and audiovisual production are key components of the industry’s services offering.

Many Colombian video game companies offer all the services needed to execute video game production from start to finish. There are many highly specialized video game developers that have gained international recognition as they are employing the latest technology from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, to the latest digital design trends.

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