Veterinary pharmaceutical products in colombia

Colombia's veterinary pharmaceutical industry has become stronger in recent years thanks in part to government incentives and technological investments. This is a competitive industry that is growing 2.5% annually.

To better cater the needs of the country’s economy, the quality and variety of veterinary pharmaceutical products in Colombia have been increasing in recent years.

Given Colombia's high biodiversity and fauna, and a large agricultural sector, access to veterinary supplies and products is crucial. They enable the conservation and good health of animals and preservation of the environment. Therefore, the implementation of high-quality veterinary products is paramount for the consolidation and growth of this important sector.

Colombia possesses vast knowledge and experience allowing the country to be at the forefront of the veterinary industry in a global context. Given its competitiveness in terms of costs and quality, pharmaceutical manufacturing and veterinary supply production in Colombia are a great alternative to meet the agricultural global demand.

There are currently more than 200 veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing national and multinational companies in Colombia that produce around $296 billion Colombian pesos annually.

Most veterinary companies and products are ICA (Institute of Colombia Agriculture) certified and BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, ensuring good standards and top-quality products.

According to ICA, Colombian veterinary pharmaceutical companies that are certified every 2 years are qualified to offer medicine for disease control and for the wellbeing of animals. Their quality offered is at the level of some of the largest international pharmaceutical companies allowing them to meet the global needs.

The United States is Colombia’s largest export destination of veterinary products with 31% of the total exportation.

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