Textile Industries Colombia

Textile industries in Colombia are recognized for their extensive production of supplies, clothing accessories, a new development in natural and elastic fiber fabrics. Therefore, Colombia is an ideal platform for the clothing manufacturing process. The high production capacity, innovation, and vertical integration of textile factories and fabric companies have positioned the Colombian textile industry as a referent on different segments of the worldwide market. Intelligent fabric manufacturing is one of these segments. According to ICEX Spain Trade & Investment, Colombia´s exports of intelligent fabric were around 41 million dollars in 2017. As fashion trends keep on changing and new technologies are playing important roles within the textile business, Colombian fabric manufacturers keep on innovating to deliver high-quality products.

Intelligent fabrics have gained relevance in the fashion industry, as they provide great special conditions adaptability. Therefore, Colombian fabric factories have increased their research programs to suit the national and international demand for these products. By investing in technology and using a skilled workforce, Colombian textile factories have developed high-quality intelligent fabrics like UV filter, antibacterial, biodegradable, and repelling fabrics. These fabrics create garments like underwear, sportswear, casual wear, control wear, and many other products.

Cutting-edge technology is used by Colombian fabric companies for process optimization. The usage of laser technology and the use of ozone for denim finishes, production of textiles with polyester granules, nanotechnology, and biotechnology have increased the production and promoted innovation within the textile industry. This has allowed most Colombian clothing brands to manufacture better and cutting-edge technological garments. Outdoor fabric to produce sports sets and anti-fluid clothing to produce sport divers’ suits are some results derived from the high technological advances in the Colombian industry.

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