manufacture of upholstery in Colombia

When it comes to the home textile industry, there is a big part of the manufacture of upholstery in Colombia.

It is well known that Colombia has become the number one flat weave fabric exporter in South America. The Colombian textile industry comprises 9.4% of the total industrial GDP and employs around 600,000 people. In 2019, sales in the country amounted to USD 8 billion, and more than 1,200 Colombian companies in this industry exported their product to over 100 countries.

With this big picture, we have the Colombian home decor. Any household has several needs of curtains, rugs, carpets, bedclothes, and some others. When we look deeply into the Colombian rugs, there is a little town near Bogotá, called Cajicá, nationally known for its tapestry blankets and 'ruanas,' our national coat.

Cajicá has over 450 years of existence, and due to its climate characteristics, has a considerable amount of sheep and wool ready to be discovered by the industry. When you cross the town, you have a street filled with upholstery shop; you can find Colombian hand made tapestry or importations from India or China.

The added value of this little town, besides the options, is the custom made products that you can find. There are different techniques to develop a Colombian rug. Still, the most famous one is the point-to-point knitting wool process, where the artisan knits different types of wool with different colors and textures, giving a beautiful and unique result.

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