Pharmaceutical products in Colombia

The pharma industry in Colombia is one of the most solid and sustainable ones in Latin America. Its constant growth and expansion is attracting more multinational and global companies from all over the world. The diversity of pharmaceutical products in Colombia as well as the high availability of natural products allow Colombian pharmaceutical companies to deliver high quality supplies and pharmaceutical drugs at an affordable convenient price.

As a result of high sustainable investments in health and medicine research and access to new technologies, many Colombian pharmaceutical companies continue to produce high-quality generic pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products and patent medicines at higher rates.

These products are often exported to other parts of Latin America. Colombian exports of pharmaceutical products was worth US$359.71 Million during 2019. The main export destinations are Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Panama and the United States.

Due to Colombia’s flexible free trade agreements, many multinationals have arrived in the country making it a distribution hub not just for Latin America but for the entire world.

The pharmaceutical market in the country is made up by 67% of local companies. Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is responsible for 47% of all Colombian pharmaceutical products exportation becoming an important hub. And it holds most of the country’s market with 66% of pharma manufacturers producing pharmaceutical products and where 65% are wholesalers distributors.

The following list is available to you to find any products made in Colombia which includes rubbing alcohol, natural cough syrup, vitamins to mention some.

There is no doubt that the industry of pharmaceutical products in Colombia will continue to expand creating countless benefits to the country and the world.


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