Company of meat-based products in Colombia

Companies of meat-based products in Colombia produce and market frozen, raw, and processed meat foods of excellent quality. Colombia is expected to become one of the main suppliers of meat in the sector in less than ten years. Meat suppliers in the country have invested in technology and the development of processes for the quality of their products. The country is the fourth-largest cattle herd in the region after Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico and the 13th worldwide with approximately 28.2 million bovines. Antioquia, Caquetá, Meta, Casanare, Cesar, Santander, and Córdoba are the leading departments with the highest meat production.
The privileged location of the country allows the natural nourishment of the cattle all year round. Farmers avoid using hormones or growth promoters, allowing the animal to grow naturally. Also, silvopastoral systems have been adopted to maintain sustainable livestock production, allowing food quality, and avoid environmental deterioration.

Meat products in Colombia are regulated to guarantee the safety of the meat products produced in the country. Invima inspects, monitors, and controls the meat chain of production and all activities related to slaughter and stripping, import and export.
Colombia has expanded the distribution of meat products to Lebanon, Jordan, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Lybia, and Egypt among other countries. Beef suppliers have experienced an export growth of 117% during the last five years, reaching exports for USD 75.9 million in 2019. Other meat processed goods such as beef jerky, dried meat, meat snacks, and dehydrated beef jerky are also being produced in the country, providing consumers a variety of meat products. The meat industry in Colombia is a promising market for international consumers.

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