Colombia Underwear Brands

Colombia underwear brands are one of the many sectors that benefit from high-quality cotton clothes fabric, offered by national wholesale fabric suppliers. The relevance of these brands in international markets is related to the high-quality garments and especially because of the innovative products they offer to diverse market segments. Additionally, some Colombian clothing brands are also being noticed because they work with organic fabric suppliers, using organic cotton fabric to reduce the environmental impact of their products. These are only some of the reasons for the rapid growth that the underwear segment has been experiencing in recent years.

Colombian fabric is known for its premium quality. This has placed it as one of the most important Latin American textile fabric suppliers. To achieve this, national fabric manufacturers complement their processes with cotton fibre from international cotton suppliers to create high quality and long-lasting fabric. Trying to reduce the cotton fibre import, Colombian cotton production has been increasing since 2017 and is expected to continue growing. The objective of this strategy is to provide Colombian fabric manufacturers with local supplies to complete the cotton, fabric, textiles, and apparel supply chain.

Based on Euromonitor research, Colombia has increased the underwear consumption by 68.5% and it is expected to grow by 17.4% during the next years. Colombian underwear brands exported around 60 million dollars in 2018, becoming one of the most relevant sectors for the Colombian textile industry. The most relevant markets for these segments are the United States, Ecuador, Peru, and it has been dabbling in markets like the United Kingdom and Japan.

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