Toy brands in colombia

Toys will always be wanted, and toy brands in Colombia understand this very well.

As a result of the growing young population (0-19) in Colombia and in Latin America, toy production has become an important market not only in certain seasons including Christmas holidays but throughout the whole year. According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics, there are over 15 million children in Colombia which accounts for approximately 31% of the country’s population.

Currently, the value of sale of toys in the Colombia amounted to approximately 786 million U.S. dollars. This number is expected to continue increasing. Some of the Colombian toys available in the current market are: dolls, crayons, paint, sports toys including balls, chin guards, gloves to name some.

Colombia is the fourth country with the highest toys market value in Latin America. Many Colombian toy dealers and manufacturers rely on joint ventures to increase their participation in the global market. This has also allowed for toy dealers to get the latest trends and most sophisticated toys to meet the current demands.

Free trade agreements within Latin America and with the European Union have allowed wholesale toy distributors to attract more clients and increase their sales. At the same time, there are small enterprises and local micro businesses that offer high quality toys that are meticulously hand made.

Toy dealers in Colombia recognize the rapid change of trends and the importance of implementing different ways of distribution including offering online toy stores to provide greater accessibility.

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