Automotive Industry Colombia

The vehicle and automotive industry of Colombia is considered to be a vital sector of economic and social development given its relationship with a wide range of fields where industrial activity plays a significant role. The country is benefited from the latter given the high contributions to innovation and technology transfer. Hence, the automotive industry not only has and adds value within its own value chain but is likewise linked to many other sectors and therefore contributes to a bigger extent to Colombia's development from an economic and social point of view.

The automotive world presents a wide spectrum of types of companies and products. Particularly, the automotive industry of Colombia comprehends vehicles, motorcycles and related auto parts and products. Thus, Colombian automotive companies are experienced in motorcycle and vehicle assembly activities, whilst also offering quality products in the fields of antifreeze, refrigerants, radiator coolants, steel pipes and fuel additives. Regarding Colombian cars, meaning that are assembled in the country, there are several key automotive companies which manage and provide renowned vehicle brands. Amongst them can be found General Motors with its Volvo and Chevrolet brands, Daimler with its Mercedes Benz line, and SOFASA, which assembles Renault vehicles.

Likewise, when observing the automotive industry in Colombia in detail, it can be seen that motorbikes and motorcycle parts and accessories constitute an automotive section that raises the competitiveness of the country in this "Colombia auto" industry and makes it attractive to national and foreign investors. Such attractiveness increases when considering Colombia's unique strategic location to conduct business with South, Central and North America. Hence, the automotive industry besides having great relevance in the country's development, still has space for growing and for generating business opportunities.

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