Technology Services Company in Colombia

International markets are recognizing Colombian technology services companies as relevant players within the worldwide IT services industry. This recognition is the product of a highly qualified workforce and aids provided by the government. Therefore, this industry reported revenues of 8.2 million dollars in 2019. According to Radata, 63% of the total revenue came from Colombian companies, and 37% of international technology service providers. This placed Colombia as the fourth IT market in Latin America, after Brazil, Mexico, and Chile.

The Colombian software development market has grown into three different segments. The most relevant segment is consultancy and development. It generates 48% of the industry´s revenue and concentrates 82% of the industry´s companies. This sector includes products like technology transfer, network infrastructure, cybersecurity consulting, and digital marketing consulting. Colombian IT solutions and Colombian IT support companies are also part of this segment, as they are widely recognized for the high-quality services that their skilled workforce provides. The second relevant segment includes companies that commercialize licenses and products. It generates 47% of the industry´s revenue and concentrates 14% of the segment´s companies. The third segment includes e-commerce companies and gateways. It generates 5% of the industry´s revenue and concentrates 4% of the companies.

Technology in Colombia is thriving as more IT companies are developing the market. Bringing new ideas and disrupting traditional industries. Therefore, many technology services companies provide electronic services as management consultancy, business consulting, strategic consulting, human resources consulting, organizational consulting, and coach programs. All these services intend to facilitate other industries day to day business which, in the end, will benefit the Colombian economy.

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