Producers of Nuts and Seeds Colombia

Seeds and nuts suppliers in Colombia are rapidly increasing in demand not only locally but worldwide. Nuts and seeds have long been valued as a good source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. They are nutritional powerhouses great for boosting a meal or as a quick snack on the go. From raw almonds to almond milk, their growth in the healthy food market has increased the demand for nut and seed food wholesalers and superfood suppliers worldwide. The country has become a thriving market for wholesale foods and wholesale food suppliers.

It is a fast snack growing market for value-added food products. Even though Colombian coffee is the most demanded and most exported seed the nation produces, farmers have opened alternatives with quinoa, linseed, and cacao bean. Complementing this production, mixed nuts such as cashews, macadamia, almond, and peanuts have also become rising exportation products. According to AGROSAVIA (Corporacion Colombiana de Investigacion Agropecuaria), the 15.000 acres that are currently producing cashews, can triple over the next ten years, to position the country in one of the top 10 exporters worldwide. Wholesale snack food distributors, including dried fruit distributors and nut distributors, have seen the international market as their main target over the past few years. They have focused on producing quality products at a low cost, making the products appealing to investors, both locally and internationally. Colombian farmers have joined forces and strengthened the idea of the potential that these products have to the Colombian government and local investors. As their main goal is to reach leading consumer markets worldwide.

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