Swimwear Brands Colombia

Colombian swimwear brands have gained international recognition throughout the last years. Because of the color diversity, innovative designs, and high-quality fabric materials, Colombian swimsuit manufacturers are relevant players within the international swimsuit market. According to Euromonitor, this market sold more than 57 million dollars in 2018, and it is expected to grow by 41% over the next years. Colombia is ranked as the first swimwear manufacturer of South America, as some national swimwear brands are exporting their products to more than 41 countries. Some of the most relevant commercial partners for this industry are the United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Colombian swimwear is relevant in the international markets because of its commitment to excellent quality and attention to detail. The usage of cutting-edge technology in the creation of swimwear fabric, combined with elegant, comfortable, and stylish designs, has created growth opportunities for Colombian swimwear suppliers within the international market. These elements have allowed the Colombian bikinis, Colombian swimsuits, Colombian beachwear, and Colombian one-piece swimsuits, to stand out from others, in luxury markets as the United Arab Emirates.

Even though the men´s swimwear market is growing, the main growth within this industry is represented by the women´s swimwear segment. Colombian women´s swimwear brands differentiate from their competition as their designs include handmade artisanal elements and diverse and vivid tones that provide their customers with elegance and comfort. Products like one-piece bikinis, high waisted bikinis, trikinis, plus size swimsuits, and full swimsuits, are some of the iconic designs that Colombian swimwear brands present to the world to innovate within this market.

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