Disposable products factories in Colombia

Disposable medical materials and instruments are essential for public health safety. Doctors and all participants in the medical field are constantly exposed and vulnerable to the possibility of transmission of infectious diseases. Also, patients and family members are exposed to transmission and cross-contamination. It is vital to have protective measures for patients as well as for physicians applied and controlled.
Disposable personal protective equipment is a partial solution to the spread of germs and viruses. One important aspect of disposable products such as gowns is barrier protection levels.
Protective apparel must meet minimum performance standards for strength, barrier protection, and fluid resistance to ensure the safety of healthcare workers and patients, said Judson Boothe, marketing director of medical supplies for Kimberly Clark Health Care.
Products such as medical disposable gowns, face masks, and gloves are some of the most produced items as medical protection products.
The medical devices and medical disposables industries are characterized by high market concentration. In Colombia, the high demand for these products has boomed new local producers in recent years. Protective garments for surgical and medical use have become a necessity in current times, and Colombia has a promising potential for the high production of these products.
It has been tested and proven that the level of protection is higher if disposable products are used.
Disposable products can facilitate and enhance infection prevention and control efforts in the healthcare setting and reduce the opportunity for cross-contamination.

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