Packaging Distributors in Colombia

Containers and packaging manufacturers in Colombia have become important suppliers for the food and cosmetics market internationally. Also, the high demand for plastic bottles for personal care and cleaning products has made the manufacturing of plastic bottles in the country a significant business opportunity in the international market.
According to information from Andina-Pack, in Latin America, the market share of containers and packaging is led by rigid packaging, including PET bottles, with 33.8%, followed by paper and cardboard packaging with shares of 27% and flexible packaging with 15.6% shares.
Plastic has become an important material for the packaging industry. It has an excellent capacity to preserve the duration and quality of all types of products. Its capability to adapt to the different shapes and requirements such as temperature, storage, and use makes it one of the most demanded materials for the packaging industry. In the local market, metal and glass containers have been displaced by containers made with plastic materials.

Of all the plastic used for the manufacturing of packaging containers in Colombia, 62% is consumed by the food sector, 22% is used by the beverage sector, and 9% is used to pack toiletries and cosmetics.
The Colombian packaging industry is currently working to position itself in the Latin American market, serving the development of the manufacturing sector through the continuous improvement of packaged products. The country has become a promising packaging distributor for the market. Its geographical location makes shipment times and costs moderate to all of Latin America compared to other producers in the sector. Also, Colombia has a 0% tariff for exports of plastic products to high consuming countries such as the United States, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

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