Leather products in colombia

One of the biggest and most solid industries in Colombia is the leather products and accessory industry. The country is well known for its production of high-quality and dedicated handmade leather bags, handbags, wallets, leather jackets, purses, suitcases, luggages, to name some. These high-quality leather products in Colombia meet the global demand market establishing the country as one of the biggest export countries of leather garment and a strategic region in Latin America.

The well designed leather products, their inclusion of unique and appealing details and meticulous production process continue to attract the global market adding a big impact into the exportation market and economic development of the country.

In 2019, the exportation of Colombian leather increased to over $63 million USD compared to $57million USD in 2018. This expansion is due to higher sales in the United States, Peru and Ecuador. The main export destinations of leather supplies and products made in Colombia are the United States with 68.3%, Mexico (6.4%), Peru (4.2%), Panama (2.2%) and Ecuador (2%).

Thanks to the constant expansion of the leather industry in Colombia, many leather brands in the country are becoming more known and recognized around the world.

This industry continues to offer global entrepreneurs and local manufacturers tremendous growth opportunities. The Colombian Association of Manufacturing Footwear and Leather Industries (ACICAM, by its acronym in Spanish) has developed a business plan to ensure the industry’s growth and expansion creating a positive impact for many communities in Colombia. For instance, it is expected for Colombia to become the third biggest exporter of leather shoes creating 12% of the region’s exportation by 2025.

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