Sale of Plaster in Colombia

Together with other products that require mineral transformation, sales of plaster in Colombia reflect an important element of the Colombian home decor. The role of drywall suppliers and plasterboard suppliers in the construction industry is very important given that they contribute to part of the value chain that requires this particular types of materials. For instance, as new constructions in Medellin or Cartagena are boosted in Colombia, the use of drywalls, plaques and plasterboards is increasingly common due to its natural characteristics and its adaptability to different type of projects and interests.

Particularly, plaster and drywalls are products that supports the business activities of construction companies in Colombia. Their relevance has a positive impact on the country's business environment as it has become a significant commercial commodity and thus makes part of the foreign trade activities of the country. As a matter of fact, the World Integrated Trade Solution - WITS (resulting from joint efforts of the World Bank, the UNCTAD, the UN statistical division and the World Trade Organization - WTO) reported that, the Colombian imports of plaster, as of 2018, amounted to approximately $5,450 U.S. million dollars; the latter meaning a rough quantity of over 30 million kilograms imported.

As the WITS organization highlights, the main foreign trade partners of Colombia for imports on plaster and plaster composition products are Mexico, United States, Spain and China. Accordingly, by 2018, Colombia received approximately 15 million kilograms of this type of products from Mexico, whilst simultaneously receiving 420 thousand kilograms from the United States. Therefore, the latter illustrates the importance of this sector and this companies, playing a significant role in the Colombian business environment due to its impact both on national and foreign trade activities.

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