Print Advertising in Colombia

Print advertising in Colombia offers a unique service focused on customized printing services. Printing companies in the country understand the importance of offering and delivering customized printing and design sizes that meet the needs of clients. Additionally, print shops in Colombia are committed to prioritize the implementation of production practices that are sustainable and environment friendly.

Some of the printing services available in the country are the design of products, label printing services and commercial and editorial printing services. One great example of the kind of agencies, companies and print shops the country offers, is Vistaprint Colombia. The printing company provides a diverse set of services to help businesses showcase and sell their products.

Due to the high local and international demand, this industry has invested lots of resources to keep up with the latest printing technology and equipment helping strengthen the print advertising sector in the country. This has led to a boost in the country’s economy creating more than 60,000 jobs. And It is estimated that the printing services industry accounts for 2.9% of the gross domestic product.

The main export destination of printing services that includes the making of brochures, commercial catalogues, print advertising to name some is Switzerland. The exportation of these services to the European country is worth around $19 billion USD.

Other countries that import print advertising services are the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile and Peru.
The products that are exported the most are plastic and paper packing, label stickers and school supplies.

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