Building Materials Store in Colombia

Building Materials Stores in Colombia and the whole construction industry had suffered during the pandemic, but innovation and creativity are part of the industry's bouncing.

Sodimac is one of the lead building materials stores in Colombia. Due to the pandemic, the company requested authorization from the board of directors to increase its level of debt on March 21, 2020.

Corona, Homecenter, and Falabella join forces to contribute $ 1 billion against Covid-19. Through a communication published in the Financial Superintendency, Sodimac Colombia, owner of the Homecenter and Constructor brands, responded to a request from the entity and delivered a balance of actions implemented to mitigate contagion risk from Covid-19.

"From Sodimac, we have tuned in with the emergency situation the country is going through, the health crisis caused by Covid-19, and the Mandatory Isolation decreed by the authorities. Regarding which we have a solidary attitude," the company said.

The company recalled that to prepare for the situation, they requested authorization from the Board of Directors to increase their level of indebtedness and that as of March 24, 2020, the decision was made to close all its stores, except for four, which remained enabled as supply centers for sales through Distance Sales channels.

But the industry is asking for a change as well. Traditional, recycled, or new materials are part of the range of options offered by the building sector globally, but which is already present in Colombia.

According to Alejandro Botero, technical and innovation director of the Colombian Chamber of Construction (Camacol), Antioquia regional, "the new commercial, social and regulatory requirements have forced the industry to evolve with new concepts, which include better performance and, with this, a lower environmental impact."

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