Renewable Energy in colombia

If you are looking to expand your business while protecting the environment and tackling climate change, then investing in renewable energy companies in Colombia is the way to do it.

The country offers a wide array of untapped resources to generate energy in a more sustainable way including solar, wind and biomass energy.

Colombia’s rich biodiversity, geographic positioning, and great climate conditions allow the country to develop non-conventional renewable energy systems that are more affordable and environment friendly.

Currently, Colombia’s main energy generator is through hydro-electricity systems with 67% of energy production thanks to the tremendous amount of water available across the country. However, there are untapped potential resources like solar, wind and biomass to generate renewable energy. These systems not only are powerful but also protect the communities of the country.

Places like Guajira and Atlantico, located at the north coast of Colombia and Valle del Cauca, located at the west coast, where solar radiation is massive, provide a great deal of solar energy generators.

Colombia has one of the best conditions for wind energy in South America. The Guajira region offers a great potential to build more wind farms in the area. Currently, there is only one wind farm in Guajira that provides wind energy in Colombia.

Thanks to the massive production of bananas, coffee pulp and animal waste, Colombia also offers a great deal to generate renewable energy through biomass.

The country offers a great potential to become a leader in the renewable energy sector in Latin America. According to the Inter-American Development Bank, the renewable energy auction in Colombia will increase by 40% in the coming years. This is a milestone for the country as it will allow it to attract more investors interested in non-conventional renewable energy sources.

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