Suppliers of ecological products in colombia

Colombia is a rich country in fauna and flora; that is why the quality and quantity of suppliers of ecological products in Colombia, wholesale organic products, and eco-friendly products in Colombia have risen notoriously during the past years.

Colombia went from 13th place in 2018 to 8th in 2019 regarding organic import volumes by exporting country. According to the latest data published by the European Commission, with an increase of 38%.

The document reflects Colombia's exports of organic products to the EU varied from 63,114 tons in 2018 to 87,341 tons in 2019, 38% more. Organic products from Colombia, such as wholesale organic products, increased in 2019 by 31% compared to the previous year, going from 19.0 (thousands of tons) to 24.9 (thousands of tons) in 2019.

On the other hand, it's essential to highlight the eco-friendly products made by Colombian entrepreneurs who have creativity in their DNA and have invented a series of innovative and world-changing products focused on saving the planet.

Biodegradable straws are an invention manufactured in Colombia. Unlike traditional drinking straws, this product is oxo-biodegradable, which means it degrades when it's in contact with sunlight and oxygen until it disappears completely.

Bricks made from recycled plastic can be used to construct houses at a cheaper rate. Seventy tons of plastic are recycled for each house for 30% less than those built using traditional construction materials.

To sum up, Colombia is a rich country in wholesale organic products and eco-friendly products due to the vast diversity of fauna and flora and the massive bank of influential creators that imagine different ways to save the planet.


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