Motorcycle Parts Suppliers Colombia

Colombian automotive companies, as well as motorcycle parts suppliers in Colombia, have directly influenced the transportation mechanisms of the country and the way its population mobilizes. In accordance with the Development Research Center of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, motorcycles in Colombia account for up to 57% of the country's vehicle fleet and over 18% of the population uses bikes as their daily means of transport. Respectively, the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) determined that approximately 12 million people use this type of transportation directly or indirectly. The latter indicates the importance of Colombian bikes not only for the automotive industry but to the mobility of the country as a significant transportation alternative.

Considering the United Nations position regarding urban mobility, bikes are helpful alternatives to improve the connections of the transport networks and therefore fights social exclusion. This due to the fact that it allows to tackle and overcome obstacles linked to the availability, accessibility, and affordability of mobility systems in developing countries. Moreover, whilst analyzing the Colombian cycling behavior, the business association ANDI indicated that the market registered approximately 247,800 new bike sales between January and May of 2019. Such figure gains even more relevance when compared to the same period of the previous year (2018), as it illustrates an increase of over 13%. Therefore, the increase in bike production and sales reflect first-hand the work done by motorcycle shops and bike manufacturers.

Likewise, motorcycle part suppliers of Colombia play a key role in the value chain of bicycle parts. Providing quality motorcycle parts, bicycle accessories and spare parts for motorcycles, bike shops are invested in maintaining the market demand and therefore positively influencing the country's mobility. Similarly, the motorcycle repair shops boost the national economy from the standing point of small & medium enterprises, as well as bigger bike manufacturers.

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