Steel Company in Colombia

Steel companies in Colombia have undertaken the task to address the needs and requirements of the steel supply of the country by adjusting their products and production capabilities to the industry and market demands. Accordingly, the long steel production that includes steel tubes and cables is a significant branch of the industry of steel of Colombia. Companies dedicated to stainless steel manufacturing and stainless steel tube suppliers have proven to be drivers of economic growth in the country.

The business association ANDI indicated that, regarding the production of long steel, the average production on the third quarter of 2020 is of approximately 110 thousand tonnes. Additionally, by observing the imports of long steel products during the same period of time, the ANDI highligths an average import of approximately 42 thousand tonnes. Therefore, highlighting the positive work done by industrial suppliers and construction companies in Colombia and illustrating that the country produces more long steel than what it receives from abroad.

Significantly, industrial supply companies as stainless steel suppliers in Colombia are invested and commit their resources to provide quality iron pipe, galvanized wire and iron pipe fittings, amongst others. The latter including the possibility of finding other metal forms such as ductile and cast iron pipes, and black steel pipe, as well as galvanized iron pipe and steel wire.

Thus, the steel companies in Colombia are experienced in the handling, manufacturing and supply of steel tubes and cables of great quality and attending the adequate safety regulations. Similarly, the construction companies in Colombia serve a double purpose when considering their role as industrial suppliers as well as their construction activities, both for which the steel supply is crucial and in accordance with the highest standards.

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