Florist flowers and foliage in colombia

Florist flowers and foliage suppliers in Colombia continue to be an industry that creates a big impact on the economy.

Alike fresh flowers, foliage production and foliage suppliers face the highest quality standards and its production must be highly specialized to meet demanding international needs.

The biodiversity in Colombia provides a wide range of fresh foliages from different styles, colors and varieties available all year round. Some of the most exported foliage species are: Ruscus, Cocculus, Liriope and Vibornum.

In 2019, foliage exports reached $8 million USD. Similar to the flower market, it is expected to grow as demand in developed countries keeps increasing.

The foliage market in Colombia has a big potential given the high quality and the cost competitive labor force, and the country’s vast access to fertile lands, gifted climate and diverse topography. Quality standards in this industry are ensured, guaranteed and supported with investments in technology, research, production and logistics to ensure Colombia continues to lead in the global market.

Given that it's an important source of employment in rural areas, The industry's growth and success is crucial. For instance, green foliage along with the export of native flowers can keep providing a significant source of income to the economy of Colombia. It creates opportunities to new businesses that want to enter the market and tap into global clients.

Ornament suppliers, foliage stores, flower and foliage growers, both for wholesale and retail are constantly seeking to offer fresh foliage and unique diverse products. There is no doubt that Colombia's large flower and foliage industry can meet this demand.

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