Furniture Factories in Colombia

In 2019, Colombia exported wooden furniture for USD 36.97 million. Compared to the previous year, there was a 7.3% growth, when exports of wooden furniture reached USD 34.4 million in 2018. Panama was the main destination for Colombian wood furniture, followed by the United States and Mexico, according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE).
The furniture industry in Colombia is filled with innovation, design, and easy to ensemble products. Creativity has been the main factor for the strengthening of this market into the international market. Home furniture such as closets, entertainment centers, kitchen furniture, and bathroom furniture, has been the highest exported products in the sector. Followed by office furniture, and furniture for industrial use. Most of them in the RTA (Ready to Assemble) format. The international market is a very competitive site; however, Colombia has proven to differentiate in design and quality. Modern furniture has been a big change in the production of furniture. The minimalistic, lineal, easy to use, and space adaptable design is what buyers want the most.
Colombia has multiple factors that make the production of wooden furniture a promising market for the international market. For instance, it has a strategic geographical location that makes shipping costs and shipment times reasonable and affordable. Additionally, it has local production of wood and laminates through its forests and its intensive natural renewable resources. And last but not least, it has preferential tariffs with the export of these types of products with many countries of the region such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay among others.

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