footwear manufacturers for women in Colombia

Colombia is one of the most important countries in Latin America for the footwear industry. Since the beginning of the new century, the nation has focused on the manufacturing of many products in the fashion industry, however, shoes have been one of the leading products in rising international demand.
Because of the vibrant colors, different materials, and textures, Colombian shoes have called the attention of many countries who have assigned some of the country’s shoe manufacturers as their main supplier.
Women, in particular, have found that shoes made in Colombia are a good investment for their closet.
Materials such as leather, fique, and plastic are some of the variety that the shoes wholesale manufacturers offer.
Colombian leather boots are also a top seller. The animal skin used for the manufacturing of them is produced locally, making the cost of the products lower than those compared to other markets that produce high quality and long-lasting leather boots. High heel shoes and wedges have become famous due to the Colombian icon, Sofia Vergara. The combination of leather, canvas, and cork with different treatments and materials, makes the women shoes attractive and inviting to the international customer.
Sneakers with different colors and unique designs are also a top seller. Creativity has been an open door when it comes to women's shoes and what all the various women want and need.
Many of the shoes made in Colombia are handcrafted and this is a particular characteristic. Comfort and high quality have made the shoe industry in this country a promising market for international users.

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