Lighting providers in Colombia

Lighting providers in Colombia has received a push due to the pandemic. Colombians had to stay at their homes, and home decor became more critical.

The behavior of total imports in Colombia was 11.8% in July 2017, a figure that is mainly given by the group of lighting manufacturers that completes seven consecutive growth periods and participates with 76.4% of these. The imports are mostly from European Union countries. Italy, Spain, and Sweeden lead the least due to their renowned expertise in lighting distributors.

The lights' tone and color can work on decorating homes and giving different touches to these spaces. That is why Signify, a lighting company, gave some tips to redecorate the house with lights of different styles.

The first recommended for common areas is to look for intense colors and characters, which go well with these places. In colors, ranges of bright yellow, orange, and dark blue are recommended in attention areas, which can be neutralized with browns and violets.

If there is a workspace, "colors that evoke wood are ideal for concentration, in contrast to very light colors that generate low distraction", the experts explained.

To sleep, the trend will continue to be inclined to warm tones that give peace and harmony. White, light blue or green can also be included, which also reflect tranquility.

For the kitchen, the trend for next year is inclined to neutral and sober colors. According to the company, beige and gray lights work well, which can contrast with tones that evoke nature, such as green and navy blue.

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