Agricultural Producers in Colombia

Agricultural producers in Colombia have increased their revenues as the market grows and new opportunities are being taken advantage of. The Colombian agricultural sector benefits from the privileged geographical position of the country. This allows agricultural producers to plant all year long with profitable growth and sustainable margin. Colombia is a big consumer and producer of agricultural products within the region and is becoming more relevant as an exportation platform. According to the Rural Development and Agriculture Ministry, the industry grew by 6.8% in the first trimester of 2020. These numbers reflect the positive streak that the industry has had during the last years.

Agriculture is one of the most relevant industries for the Colombian economy. Thus, the national government has promoted different projects for its players to grow. With aggressive financing strategies, entrepreneurship and commercialization, the industry keeps growing and attending to its users´ needs. Fertilizer companies, fertilizer suppliers, agricultural chemical suppliers, agricultural marketing companies, and small agricultural producers are some beneficiaries of these programs. By expanding access to agricultural resources, the Colombian industrial sector is also benefiting. New investigations are being made, and technification levels have increased. This promotes the innovative and high standard production of new products.

The agricultural industry has also improved the usage of agrochemicals to protect the crops. Colombia has been part of worldwide research projects that aim to reduce the impact of chemical products on human food consumption. Therefore, in hand with the chemical industry, technologies to develop less harmful fertilizers and herbicides are being used. The goal with these agricultural chemical projects is to produce less harmful products for humans, but with the same effectiveness against biological agents that affect both plants and humans.

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