Manufacturers of children's footwear in colombia

Colombia leads in footwear in the region, but the manufacturers of children's footwear in Colombia are solid and are recognized throughout Latin America.

In Colombia, the footwear industry is led by three companies that, added their participation, exceed 15% of the total market. Plasticauchos Colombia (formerly known as Venus) is number one in the position with 6.3%, followed by Payless with 5.6% and Offcorss with 5.5%, according to information from market research provider Euromonitor.

According to the firm, which analyzes the category that includes children's footwear under 14 years of age and babies, in addition to slippers, this business will move $ 803 billion in the country. Its growth will be 18.1%, while the units marketed will increase by 8% and reach 17.7 million. It is noteworthy that this market moved $ 679.9 billion during 2019, which meant a growth of 42.5%, compared to the amount achieved in 2013 when it was $ 477 billion.

Although the children's shoes wholesale suppliers grew in value in the last five years, in units, it decreased according to the market research provider since last year, 16.4 million units were sold, versus 24.8 million shoes sold in 2018.

With this outlook clear, Euromonitor ensures that the children's segment represents 14% of this market's total value in the country, which in 2018 moved $ 4.83 billion. Now, if the business in the region is reviewed, Brazil was the one that sold the most units last year in this niche with 155 million, followed by Mexico with 90.3 million, Argentina with 43.5 million, Colombia with 16.4 million, and Chile, in the fifth position, with 11.8 million

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