Shared Services Center in Colombia

For multinationals and global companies, Colombia is one of the three top favorite countries to implement shared services centers. According to a survey by ProColombia, there are at least 70 shared services centers registered in Colombia. With more than 10 years of experience, Colombian shared services centers are now capable of offering a variety of services aimed to optimize and improve efficiency of companies processes.

Some of the support that shared services centers in Colombia provide are management, custom software development and digital workforce that can offer an optimization of automation processes for businesses.

What attracts most global companies to use shared services centers in Colombia is the high expertise and high quality of human talent along with balanced and fair labor costs and flexible tax policies.

Additionally, Colombia’s culture has been centered in good customer service which is what companies are often looking for: to keep their clients satisfied.
Some of the industries tapping into Colombian shared services industry are production, massive consumption and distribution with 20%, construction and technology with 10% and energy and petroleum with 7%.

Infrastructure and connectivity also play an important role for companies to decide whether they want to use shared services centers in the country. Currently, Colombia is one of the countries with better connectivity in the region. It is the second country in the region with the largest number of communication cables. This allows Colombia to offer excellent international connectivity with fast data transmission and stability. This creates good operation conditions and trust within the company to operate efficiently.

Colombia is certainly a great hub for multinationals and global companies to bring their operations to the country.

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