Candy Factory in Colombia

Candy factories in Colombia have been innovative and adaptable, producing various types of candy such as sugar candy, chocolate, and other sweets. Colombia is one of the largest sugar cane producers in the world. It is ranked the 13th sugar cane producer among 91 countries, and it is part of the group of nations responsible for producing 80.5% of the sugar production worldwide. The country's geographical location on the equator and its tropical weather all year long allow the production of sugars naturally.
Companies like Colombina have made wise use of this advantage and has become the nation’s beloved candy company, being the major candy exporter in Colombia. The company is located in Cali, the capital city of Valle del Cauca, the principal sugar producer sector in the country. Also, Dulces del Valle is an important emerging and promising company for the sector.

Many of the various candies produced in the country and highly demanded in the international market are bonbon bum lollipops, chocolate bars, caramel, and arequipe, most commonly known as dulce de leche. Colombian arequipe has been a very traditional candy, highly consumed by locals. Its main ingredients are sugar, milk, and vanilla essence, a magical combination that has gone from traditional to international. The caramel spread is consumed in multiple ways and presentations. Some of the customary dessert combinations for arequipe are wafers, crackers, figs, chocolate, and caramel cookies, also known as alfajores. Manjarblanco and cortado are other similar desserts that are also traditional across the country. The consistency is different as they are cooked for longer, making the texture thicker, but they are also part of the Colombian dulce de leche family.

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