Colombian Women's Clothing Suppliers

Throughout the last years, Colombian women´s clothing suppliers have incremented their worldwide notoriety and positioned themselves as important players in the women´s clothing market. The Colombian textile industries are known for their high quality, unique designs at the forefront of global trends, qualified workforce, innovation, and above all, for the wide range of products it offers. This industry is mostly known for blue jeans, but it has been gaining customers in markets as swimming wear, sportswear, underwear for women, and kidswear. Therefore, according to data from the National Association of External Commerce (Analdex), some of the most relevant markets for Colombian clothing brands are the United States, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Colombia is one of the leading countries in the production of underwear for women. During the last years, Colombian clothing brands have been positioning themselves within these premium niches. Additionally, because of the adequate “sourcing” solutions and the high-quality of Colombian fabric, some international brands of underwear for women are producing their products in Colombian fabric factories. According to the National Department of Statistics (DANE), Colombia exported more than 11.4 million dollars in 2018. Statista has indicated that the underwear market of the United States, Colombia´s biggest buyer for this segment, is expected to grow in the upcoming years. Therefore, this is a high potential niche market for Colombian brands of underwear for women.

Another important market that Colombian women´s clothing suppliers have been working on and expanding to different countries, is the plus size clothing market. The incursion on this market shows how innovative and vanguardist the Colombian textile industry is. Local and national entities have launched programs to train the workforce and promote the elaboration of high ended designs for this segment of the market. Therefore, the Colombian plus size clothing focuses on creating garments that suit and empowers plus-sized women. Garments like plus-sized butt lifting jeans or Colombian high waisted jeans, dresses, jackets, and vests for women, are being produced to supply this demanding niche market.

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