Movie production companies in Colombia

With the Orange economy boom, the growth of the movie production companies in Colombia presented a significant increase over the past year.

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), artistic, entertainment, and recreational activities added revenues of $ 18.2 billion, representing a contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 1.71%.

While the arts scene positioned itself in the economy, the 1,000 largest companies' list was led by companies dedicated to the media and film in the Colombian sector in both sales and profits. Cine Colombia, which reported an operating income of $ 611,441 million, was the industry with the highest yields, at $ 76,130 million.

The video production company, Royal Films SAS, reported $ 5,003 million in profits, while its operating income was $ 176,595 million.

Due to the pandemic, movie theatres were closed, but on the first weekend, with over 500 movie theaters opened, the market reported an attendance of 75,904 people, with all the biosecurity protocols.

Many Colombian films were anxiously waiting for this to happen; among the most curious productions is 'On Wheels', a comedy film that was recorded in its entirety in a pandemic.

In this regard, the director said: "The filming process in a pandemic is an abnormal and completely different life. We plan to record for various reasons, first of all, because there were many people in need of work. As a movie production company, we already have an established staff who often work with us. In June, this group started calling me to tell me to do something, whatever it was, but to work, because the money was needed. There we decided to tell a story that could be made in times of a pandemic that had very few sets, few actors, and creating something like that was not easy" that's why they decided to tell a road story.

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