suppliers of electrical conductors in Colombia

Due to the dramatic adaptation to technology, suppliers of electrical conductors in Colombia have increased their demand locally.

The infrastructure in Colombia is adapting rapidly. The implementation of different optic fiber wires, cables, and general electronic components has demanded electrical conductors and massive construction projects to accomplish the country's needs.

During the last year in Colombia, three submarine fiber optic cables have come into operation, completing an offer of 10 of this telecommunications infrastructure, compared to the five that operated in 2010.

The most recent cable was the one inaugurated by the Spanish company Telefónica. More than 15 million users of the country will see an improvement in access to data, video, and applications.

Alfonso Gómez Palacio, executive president of Telefónica Colombia, assured that "thanks to this new submarine cable, Telefónica's international connectivity in Colombia will be able to increase by more than 200 percent over the real potential capacity."

The wire, which required an investment of more than 300 million dollars, is added to South America-1 (SAm-1). The company will manage the transmission of up to 200 million images, 10 million songs, and 450,000 high definition movies simultaneously.

In addition to Telefónica's PCCS, in the second quarter of this year, the Claro operator put the AMX-1 into operation, which at the time multiplied Colombia's international connection capacity by 50.

This infrastructure serves seven countries and spans 11 cities in the region, required resources close to 500 million dollars, and allows for the transmission of 53 million images or downloading 2.2 million songs in one second.

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