Building materials distributors in Colombia

Building materials distributors in Colombia have been a cornerstone in the growth of the construction industry of the country. The business adaptability and experience linked with a complete portfolio comprised of high-quality products has enhanced the attractiveness and competitiveness of the construction companies in Colombia. Moreover, the constant care of the market demands has oriented the construction sector towards using, producing, and distributing more sustainable products for urban and rural areas.

As part of the commitment of construction companies and the national government to the country's sustainable development, the ICONTEC seal was created. This quality seal reflects the fact that the products (which ever their nature) had been produced, transformed, or manufactured attending the highest technical and quality standards in Colombia. Moreover, building materials stores and manufacturers are invested into recycling and reusing elements such as steel that can have a longer life cycle. For instance, zinc tiles are subjected to refining procedures during its manufacturing process where recycled steel is used to galvanize it. This process enhances the zinc flexibility, as well as its durability, therefore having as a result products that are of great quality, and at the same time, are protected against corrosion.

Construction materials stores and building supply stores offer various metal forms and alloys that are used in several projects and which serve different purposes. For example, in rural areas, zinc roof tiles are commonly used in households, and agricultural factories, among others. Similarly, in urban areas zinc products can be found in urban areas in new constructions in Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta, given its light, flexible and resistant properties.

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