Building Materials Factory in Colombia

Together with innovative technology and top service, the Colombian building materials factories offer an attractive and complete portfolio of products with the highest quality standards. As a matter of fact, Colombia's building and construction industry is one of the most regulated fields in the Latin American region. As illustrated by the Colombian business association ANDI, the regulations in place have positioned Colombia as a model country in the matter, to such extent that other countries like Perú, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Ecuador (among others) have adopted several of its standards and regulations. For instance, Colombia was the second country in the region to introduce within its building code, provisions regarding seismic resistance.

Moreover, Colombian home decor counts with companies and enterprises that offer interesting discount building supplies. This promotes the movement of goods throughout the construction value chain and reflects the building materials stores capability of understanding the market needs as well as the customers interests regarding home decoration. Products like wallpaper, rollers, and brushes, together with bathroom accessories, pipe fittings and geotextile fabrics, complete the wide range of products that can be found in the building supply stores of Colombia. Therefore, the accessories of this type of materials complete the value chain of a construction industry that is invested not only in the creation of buildings and robust infrastructure, but likewise in creating spaces that highlight the Colombian home decor with long-lasting, high-quality, and trending products and materials. Thus, generating and adding significant elements to the building materials value chain.

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