Building Materials Stores Colombia

The Colombian business association ANDI, in accordance to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), highlight the strong relationship between the steel industry with the building materials stores in Colombia. Naturally, many of the construction companies in Colombia require industrial suppliers of metal plates, steel sheets, amongst others, in order to carry out properly their projects. Regarding the building construction sector, the organizations concluded by the end of 2018 that the sector directly contributed with 3.1% of the country's GDP; with an additional contribution of 1.5% on the GDP regarding other activities associated with construction.

Consequently, building materials stores in Colombia and the construction sector play a significant role as part of the steel supply chain when it comes to semi-finished steel products and other forms. These companies can be of different nature. For instance, they could be stainless steel suppliers or stainless steel manufacturing companies that equip the market with metal plates, metal meshes, aluminum wire or galvanized sheet. Likewise, the country offers an experienced range of industrial supply companies that provide and specialize in specific semi-finished steel products such as screws, aluminum windows, metal doors, and aluminum doors.

Given the variety of products produced with steel of Colombia, industrial suppliers and building material stores in Colombia are in a unique position to attend national and further international demand. The competitiveness of the construction companies in Colombia is therefore linked, not only to the growth of a significant industry but to the capacity of such businesses to identify market needs. For instance, the step up of stainless steel manufacturing companies that handle and work with semi-finished steel products can relate to the increase of demand in metal plates and steel sheets used in infrastructure construction projects.

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