Audiovisual Company in Colombia

The audiovisual industry in Colombia is going through a very promising time as the general digital content creation sector is being boosted and incentivized.

The creative, technological, and digital design space has positioned itself as a cultural and economic catalyst while offering employment alternatives for an ever growing qualified and creative workforce demographic.

In the last decade, over 55,000 professionals have graduated from related audiovisual careers. This large and specialized workforce has attracted international producers.

There has also been significant government investments throughout recent years to further advance this industry.

There is an annual national event called BAM, Bogota Audiovisual Market, that attracts over 400 potential industry buyers. It is known as one of the most important events for the development of audiovisual projects in the region. In 2015, there were negotiations for approximately USD $5 million, and the number has been increasing.

Colombia is consolidating itself as an interesting hub for audio visual and film production. Currently, the export market represents more than 50% of the industry´s income and continues to present itself as a great alternative and opportunity for local production firms.

It is estimated that the film, TV production and digital media will continue to be a global trend worth approximately over $2.5 billion USD by 2023.

Commercial video, motion graphics, video game companies and brands, 3d animation companies, amongst many other industry players are ready to continue fitting their clients needs fueled by the diverse and qualified Colombian talent and innovative technology to bring the best content out there.


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