Non Alcoholic Beverages Distributor in Colombia

Non-alcoholic beverage distributors in Colombia play a key role in one of the most dynamic and most important sectors in the country. It generates employment and taxes, with a current share of 0.8% in the national GDP and 7% in manufacturing.
In 2016, the industry defined and adopted five self-regulation commitments: conscious advertising, clear information, responsible sales, positive innovation, and promotion of healthy lifestyles. “For the year 2022, the goal is that 52% of carbonated drinks, teas, soft drinks, juices, nectars, vegetable, powdered and sports drinks; 40% of energizers; and 20% of the malts in our portfolio will be reduced, low or calorie-free”, informed the director of the Chamber of Beverage Industry of ANDI.
Non-alcoholic beverages produced in Colombia have been a target market for international buyers. It exports to 29 countries around the world, and its demand has increased greatly in recent years.

Due to the competitive market, Colombian beverage distributors are constantly innovating with a variety of drinks. Some of the most exported products are soda, water, carbonated water, flavored water, juices, ice tea, energy drinks, ground coffee, milkshake, and diet drinks. Also, market differentiators to the new consumption trend that tends to look for more natural and healthy options such as flavored drinks without sugar, without sweetener, and preservatives have been applied to the international market.
Besides, the beverage companies in Colombia are committed to supporting the concept of the circular economy, which seeks to prolong the presence of materials in the production cycles, starting from a comprehensive understanding of the life cycle of packaging, from its design and manufacture to the way it is recycled and reused.

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