Textile Confection Colombia

Textile confection in Colombia is a market with more than 100 years of experience and development. According to the Vice Ministry for Business Development, this market has grown annually by 3% on average since 2017. Textile factories and fabric factories are at the trend’s forefront, renewing their processes and innovating on the creation of high-quality fabrics to supply the market´s necessities. With this, Colombian clothing brands have increased their international relevance. As they work with different types of fabrics, the product portfolio of the Colombian industry growing. This means more market opportunities for the Colombian textile industry.

Colombian fabric has gained international recognition for the quality and resistance of its materials. Some products produced by fabric companies are embroidery fabric, lace fabric, and protective fabric. All of these derive from a specific weaving technique that uses different raw materials to produce the fabrics. This technique allows the Colombian clothing manufacturing brands to produce products with complex patterns and intricate motifs. When the fabric´s high quality and high standard processes mix, high-quality garments like sportswear, underwear, t-shirts, girdles, and many others, are created.

One of the most recognized segments of the Colombian textile confection industry is the women´s underwear segment. Local women´s clothing brands are distinguished for their innovative designs and long-lasting materials. These clothing companies have specialized in working with to work with an embroidered cloth to produce products like underwear and bras with embroidered lace. Additionally, these brands work very well with spandex and shapewear fabric, to manufacture high-quality control clothes for men and women.

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