Distributors of Chemical Products in Colombia

The chemical industry in Colombia has been evolving in recent years thanks to the boosting of the industrial infrastructure and its growing economy in the country. This has allowed for more companies in the country to enter the chemical production industry and compete globally.

There is an array of distributors of chemical products in Colombia offering an extensive range of alternatives. Chemical industry companies in Colombia have the capacity to produce from calcium and sodium propionate, oxytron, surface disinfectants all the way to herbal extracts for the production of chemical supplies.

Chemical engineering companies in Colombia have been incorporating technology and innovative tools to offer competitive products both in the local and in the international market.

The chemical industry for industrial cleaning purposes as well as household cleaning products is a well established industry where you can find a wide range of prices options, numerous distributors and suppliers of chemical derivatives to fit any need.

Over the last decade, the distributors of the chemical products industry in Colombia has experienced an average annual growth of 11.6% becoming one of the leaders in Latin America. In addition, the highly qualified human capital provides high value to the industry.

The strategic location also enables quick distribution and facilitates communication with other countries in the region.

In 2015, the main export destinations were Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru, showing a growing trend and opportunity to increase exports to the US which is currently the 6th largest buyer.

There is also a growing demand in the petrochemical sector, cosmetics and agricultural supplies sectors all of which have a large chemical component.

The high quality of Colombian chemical supplies to develop industrial products gives the industry a competitive advantage with great opportunities for growth.

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