Paint Companies in Colombia

There is a wide array of highly professional paint manufacturers and companies in Colombia. Production and sales, both nationally and internationally, have been increasing steadily over the last years.

The largest sales come from the production of PVA paints, paints for industrial productions and general purpose varnishes. There is a variety of price ranges and product qualities depending on the need at hand. Qualified manufactures from across the industry provide arts and crafts supplies, acrylic paint, oil paint, flaxseed oil, tempera paint, linseed oil, odorless solvents amongst many other art supplies and materials.

The art industry in Colombia is also highly recognized, and quality supplies are always locally in demand. There are talented young artists on the rise, and you can find acrylic paintings, oil paintings and a myriad of quality artwork and artists.

Arts and crafts stores are easily accessible, and Colombian products are price competitive and at par with international quality standards. There is also a trend towards anti-humidity, mildew proof and antibacterial paint.

There is also a tendency for paints, pigments and extracts to be more efficient meaning that less product quantity is needed, making them more economically viable and accessible.

There is also a niche market for natural bases pigments and extracts. They can be found and used thanks to Colombia's biodiversity and can be extracted sustainably making products more eco friendly.

There is an array of product diversity in the extract, pigment and paint industry in Colombia, one where quality and diversity meet accessible prices.

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