Chemical Products Factory Colombia

Colombian chemical products factories have increased their revenues during the last years, contributing to the chemical industry growth. In Colombia, chemical fabrication is the second most important commercial activity. According to the National Statistics Department (DANE), the chemical industry has grown by a mean of 11.6%. High demand levels from national and international industries like petrochemical, cosmetics, and agriculture, have enhanced the chemical industry. Chemical distributors and cleaning products factories invest in cutting-edge technology to maintain high-quality products in the market.

The petrochemical industry is one of the most relevant segments within the chemical industry. This industry is responsible for producing compounds from basic raw materials derived from oil and natural gas. While manufacturing products, refining and separation processes are made using methyl ethyl ketone peroxide to obtain materials like olefins and aromatics. This process creates products like plastic resins and rubber. According to governmental sources, the plastic market has had an annual compound growth of 10.1% during the last five years. Additionally, this market has one of the most skilled workforces and the pay rates are very competitive if compared with the region. Chemical products companies that manufacture rubber, increased the number of exports by 3.2% in 2019. Thus, experts expect growth within the next years for this market.

The Colombian chemical industry has focused during the last years on reducing the waste generate by their manufacturing processes and turning them into more efficient ones. Therefore, pet bottles and tire recycling factories have been created to reduce their environmental impact and increase their efficiency. In these factories, chemical product producers use methyl ethyl peroxide to produce fiberglass reinforced plastics and different rubber products.

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