Colombian Men's Clothing Brand

Colombian men´s clothing brands have been growing in a fast pace during the last years. Colombian textile industries are known for their versatility, innovation, and diverse product offerings. Even though the women´s clothing market is bigger than the men´s clothing market, the latter has shown great progress and growth throughout the last years. According to Euromonitor, growth will continue in the following years. The men´s fashion industry is a relevant segment for the Colombian textile industry. Most of its textile factories, fabric companies, and clothing manufacturing companies are recognized for producing high-quality garments. This has turned some Colombian clothing brands into relevant competitors to recognized international fashion clothing companies.

Colombian men´s clothing brands have seen the segment´s increasing competition as an opportunity to upgrade their textile businesses. By updating their trends and offering better quality and design in products like shirts, jackets, and pants, many national brands have positioned themselves in the international market. According to statistics presented by the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI), suits are the best seller products for the men´s fashion industry, followed by men´s shirts and underwear. Furthermore, experts state that men´s clothing brands that focus on producing formal wear and underwear have great opportunities in markets like Canada, the United States, Spain, and the Netherlands.

As time passed by, men´s fashion has changed and adapted to the requirements of the market. Some Colombian men´s shirts brands have transformed their products, challenging pre-established rules about colors, textures, and designs. Men´s jackets, custom shirts, men´s parkas, and coats are being designed with Colombian fabric to dynamize the industry´s growth.

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