Tire Brands Colombia

As part of the automotive value chain, tired brands of Colombia focus on the wheels of the vehicles, attending the industry needs and therefore providing the goods that are necessary for their proper use and function. Thus, having a broad amount of tire shops and tire stores, Colombia has the capacity of fulfilling the national demand of tires and tire parts. The latter gains greater relevance considering that the tire market in Colombia, as understood by the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs - DIAN, is segmented into passenger car; motorcycles; buses, and heavy commercial vehicles. Therefore, the experience of the tire companies is both, wide in range but likewise, specialized due to the particular type of vehicle.

Colombian tires are linked with sectors that are fundamental for the country's economy as they supply a key part for their means of transportation. The continuous growth and investment on infrastructure projects and the construction sector showcase the need for transportation in big numbers, therefore highlighting the need for wheels, rims, tire parts and related products. Additionally, tire suppliers and retailers are in a unique position to attend the local and regional demand. For instance, taking into account the population growth of the country as determined by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), and coupled with the increasing urbanization rate, the country is increasing its demand for vehicles, which in turn generates a significant increase in the demand for tires.

Thus, the tire section is a fundamental component of the automotive industry, and the tire shops, tire stores and suppliers are key to the adequate function and development of its supply chain.

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