distributors of plastic products in Colombia

Distributors of plastic products in Colombia are part of a prominent industry representing USD 840 million annually. As it grows, it boosts other cosmetics, personal care products, and processed foods.

Due to the vast amount of plastic produced in Colombia, a diverse portfolio of products can be made, plastic chairs, plastic bottles, lunch boxes, plastic toys, and many others. But between all of these traditional products, the circular economy stands out.

A clear example is a company made by Emiro Ruiz, a green entrepreneur that recycles plastic bottles and plastic waste and transforms them into plastic furniture. Plastic is material that can last millions of years decomposing, so Emiro uses what people throw out into functional furniture.

"Now we are making pool and dining chairs. When the pandemic started, our sales dropped and, at that moment, we started experimenting with another product and that's how we began to manufacture plastic pallets, they are 100% plastic, thanks to that innovation, we were able to survive the pandemic," says Ruiz.

But the innovation did not stop there; he also leaped to create houses of recycled plastic. "We are working on the project to make houses of social interest with recycled plastic. We already have the measurements, and we know how many kilos of plastic we spend in a house of 70 square meters and that it costs about 30 million pesos (8,788 USD) to manufacture it. We had a problem, and we have already overcome it, and that is to return to anti-flame plastic, but we already found an additive that serves us for that," he adds.

Distributors of plastic products in Colombia are everywhere, from toys to chairs, furniture. Still, our people's added value is the innovation to create all of those products from used plastic.

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