Television production companies in Colombia

2021 has been declared as the national creative economy year. This includes television production companies in Colombia.

Colombia is a pioneer in Latin America and the Caribbean in implementing the National Council for the Orange Economic, made up of more than twenty government agencies that work hard for artists, creators, managers, and entrepreneurs.

The various definitions of the type of economy called "orange" conceive it as "a development model" (SENA); "A development tool" (Mincultura and Bancoldex), or a "set of activities" allowing "ideas to be transformed into cultural goods and services (U Externado de Colombia); concepts that coincide in that intellectual property rights are characteristic of the orange economy.
Moreover, the Vice Minister of Creativity and the Orange Economy, Felipe Buitrago, together with the High Presidential Counselor for Human Rights, Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez, and the Mayor of Girardot, José Francisco Lozano, inaugurated the Orange Development Area (ADN) 20-40 ". A space in the Tolima municipality with 33 hectares, where the largest' Shake yourself Create' will be located in Colombia, a center for innovation, the arts, creativity, and technology. As explained by the Ministry of Culture, the investment was more than $ 12,000 million.

Currently, the Ministry of Culture accompanies 14 other municipalities in Colombia in the declaration process to create their Orange Development Areas.

This has lead to an increase in television production companies. During the last three years, only for the Netflix streaming platform in the country, there have been six significant productions: Wild District 2, Always Witch 2, History of a crime: Colmenares, Frontera Verde, El Robo del Siglo –which premieres in the second semester - and Chichipatos. Spokespersons for this platform highlight that female talent has boosted the audiovisual industry.

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