Appliances Store in Colombia

The appliances Stores in Colombia have been growing 51.7% each year. According to Euromonitor's information, the industry mover around $ 7.9 billion a year.

In Colombia, market and consumption trends have been changing thanks to the immersion of new technologies in products or services that make them more efficient. One of the sectors that have not been aligned to this transition is the home appliances in Colombia.

According to figures from Euromonitor, which includes large and small household and personal care electronics in the consumer appliance category, the industry will keep growing steadily at a rate of over 50%

According to information from the German firm GFK, 2019 was a good year for the country. The home appliances in Colombia is one of the sectors with the highest growth. The trendiest products in this sector are various, among which are heating and cooling equipment, washing machines, portable air conditioners, and gas stoves.

The market research provider also highlighted that the trend in Colombia and other countries is for the market to grow faster since the local consumer is buying products with a higher average cost. Consumers are buying products with better specifications and greater capacities.

According to Santiago Londoño, manager of one of the most important home appliances brands in Colombia, this business is growing at double digits this year because of the excellent trade dynamics and household increase spending, an essential variable for consumers.

Consumers in Colombia are looking forward to spending their increased spending rates on home appliances that are durable, smart, and with the best cost-benefit relation.


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