Electronic Devices Company in Colombia

The excellent results obtained by the Electronic Devices companies in Colombia are always related to the vast improvements made by countries like Korea, Japan, or China.

Nonetheless, the development in the industry in our country is overcoming the reduced government's support. According to the first poll of Electronic Device Companies in Colombia made by Assesel and supported by Colciencias, over 130 organizations were created during this decade dedicated to developing electronic devices.

This growth is related to the massive increase in engineering professionals looking to innovate in their field. When these engineers decided to create electronic devices companies in Colombia, they aimed to produce different technologies such as electrical boards, electronic equipment, electrical panels, and more. With this production, they can easily maintain small scales of fabrication, and they can use free technology heavily.

Apart from another industrial sector, electronic device companies show a notorious evolution in production, with an increase of 60% during the past years. The industry is composed basically of small and medium-sized companies that are growing and exploring the market.

The appearance, development, and consolidation of the companies is in the more significant part the result of the work made by the R & D department of the big companies. The investment made by big organizations is close to 80,000 USD per year.

Moreover, job creation in the industry during the past years has increased rapidly. For the last three years, 4000 vacancies have been occupied by 25% of the professionals, majorly electronic engineers.

As a result, electronic device companies in Colombia have considerable growth potential. The government has invested in developing more transparent and significant policies to help the industry with Colciancias and Innpulsa.

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